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herb plants for sale

July 12, 2011

Houston, I grow herb plants  and sell them at the market and at the farm. Most herbs are slow growing and therefore supply will vary due to unpredictable demand,  weather and my luck.  All of our herbs are grown from seed, or vegetative propagation by organic standards.  We do not use sterile soil mixes but grow in a compost based system.  All are grown outdoors whenever possible. Frost sensitive plants are put in the greenhouse during the winter. Please see my bit under how we grow–why our plants are different.

The best time to plant frost hardy herbs is in the fall.  Most of these herbs do not like our summers too much.  Basil, lemongrass and stevia are the frost sensitive ones. All other types survived 15˚ and 70+ hours of below freezing temperatures in 2010

I often have the following:

Apple mint

Chocolate mint

Pepper mint

English mint





French Tarragon

Basil–Thai, Genovese, African blue


Italian Oregano

Province lavender


Bay laurel

Cilantro, dill and parsley will be available in the fall.

Most herbs in 1 gallon pots and sell for $5.00 to $8.00 each

3″ herbs are $3.00

Herbs in three gallon pots are $10.00 each.

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