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Brazos Valley Growers Alliance

May 19, 2015

Look for this sign when you go to the farmers market. 11080376_876457052708_931889189288788909_o
The Brazos Valley Growers Alliance is a cooperative of farmers dedicated to the support of honest, healthful growing practices that lead to a stronger, healthier local food system. Members commit to transparency in growing and each farm is audited by the other alliance members to verify that only approved practices are used.

All food crops are grown using organic/sustainable practices.
(No synthetic fertilizers, pesticides, herbicides or fungicides)
All food animals are pastured and kept in humane conditions.
Anything sold by a member farm has been produced by that farm; any exceptions will be clearly marketed as such, and will be offered with information on the originating farm.

In addition to promoting complete transparency, the BVGA seeks to increase each member farm’s sustainability on an economic level. The alliance is committed to seeking marketing solutions that, whenever possible, eliminate middlemen, which often come with financially crippling costs.

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