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Kim Olson for Agricultural Commisioner and Lisa Seger for Texas House District #3

September 21, 2018

I support many candidates in this upcoming election, but this is a farm page, so I will keep my political endorsements to Texas candidates that I feel will help out small family farms like ours. Since I have been farming I have viewed the Texas Department of Agriculture as a bureaucracy that charges fees and does little to help small farms. They are supportive of commodity farms and confined animal operations, but offer little to the local, organic vegetable and meat operations.

Kim Olson has addressed many of my concerns in her talks and in her response to a questionnaire from the Texas Local Food and Farm Coalition, that I work with.  I give my endorsement to Kim Olson. Her answers are available here.  Sid Miller did not respond.

I would also like to endorse a local small farm operator, Lisa Seger, for Texas house district 3, situated in Waller and Montgomery county. We need more independent business people and more farmers in Austin. Lisa and her husband Christian operate a goat dairy in Waller County.


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