Permaculture gardening class April 28

love gWe are offering a class on planning and planting your permaculture gardens for the summer. The class will be on Sunday afternoon, April 28 from 1:00 until 5:00.  It is a repeat of the March and February classes.
We have forty+ years of experience raising crops for culinary purposes in the Gulf Coast area and want to share the successes and help you avoid some of the failures we have had. The class will include soil preparation, plant selection, irrigation, seed starting, site planning, use of livestock, beneficial insects, pollinator attraction and all the stuff it takes to make gardening flow and turn the environmental problems into assets.
The techniques we use can be adapted to work in a small backyard plot or a large commercial garden. We use no till methods, plant diverse crops, usually replant as soon as we harvest, often rotate livestock in the gardens, mulch bare soil, curve the beds to move the water where we want it and have fun with the design and the plant selections.

The class is $55.00 per person and will include electronic handouts. tickets


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