Fruit Trees for Sale

There is definitely a shortage of citrus this year. These trees are 3 to 4 foot tall and I only have a few of them.

All citrus and olive trees are $55.00

You can order online for delivery to the Saturday Urban Harvest Farmers Market.

These trees are also available at our farm in Hempstead. Visiting is by appointment only.


OWARI SATSUMA —This is a superior fruit of the Mandarin family. It is quite cold hardy, slow-growing, and spreading tree with open dark green foliage. Tree is usually almost thorn-less. Fruit is easy peeling and has few to no seeds .

HAMLIN SWEET ORANGE – The tree is medium to large, and usually produces a heavy annual crop. Fairly tolerate the cold. The fruit size is small to medium, usually seedless, and ripens early. The peel is very tender and is very juicy with low acidity.

MORO BLOOD ORANGE – Tree is medium in size with a round top. This blood orange tends to bear heavily but usually in alternate years. Fruit is normally borne in clusters in a very attractive setting appearing outside of the canopy. Fruit is medium in size, ripening very early. The flesh of the fruit is burgundy; rind orange with a pink blush, and is known to hold well on the tree.

PAGE MANDARIN – Tree is small to medium in size. The Mandarin has very attractive dark green leaves. The fruit is small, early ripening and easy to peel. The fruit also has seeds but the flavor is excellent.

CLEMENTINE MANDARIN – The Clementine is small to medium with dense foliage that tends to form a weeping habit. This mandarin is red and orange in color, peels easily, and has few seeds

RIO RED GRAPEFRUIT – The tree is large and is fairly cold tolerant. The flesh and rind of the fruit has a crimson tinge. Also ripens midseason and holds well on the tree.

MEYER LEMON – Fruit is known to have thin skin and juicy. Also is considered to be mild and crossed with an orange explaining the trees rounded top. Perfect for pies and lemonade, and is very unique in that it will sometimes bear multiple crops per season. Tree is medium size.

PERSIAN LIME – A medium spreading tree that bears fragrant blossoms and fruit much of the year. Contains few thorns and is fairly cold tolerant. The fruit is medium to small in size and is very juicy. Fruit is usually picked green and is yellow when mature; does not hold well on the tree.

THORNLESS KEY LIME – This is a small tree with a dense top and small leaves. It is very frost sensitive with very small and juicy fruit. Usually picked when green and turns yellow when mature.


ARBEQUINA OLIVE –  A great all purpose tree for table olives and for olive oil.  Tree can also be used for landscape purposes as it has very attractive foliage.  This tree is tolerant to cold, insects, and drought. Mine froze at 7˚ last winter.