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Farm tables

We make tables with a chainsaw from downed trees on our farm and friends’ property.
The price for this 72″ x 32″ “river” table is $3500 and it will be completed in time for the farm to table dinner on March 24. It was made from a tree that died after the 2011 drought. We called it the woodpecker tree because you could always count on the tap, tap, tap of the woodpecker when you went for you walk into the back pastures. It started to lean and it got a bit scary walking around it so Chandler took it down and cut planks from it. There are many other trees for the woodpeckers to hunt in. In this table two of those planks are merged with black epoxy and are now part of this piece of art.
There are many other tables on the farm and we can do custom work, as long as it starts with local trees and a chainsaw. Epoxy river tables are the most time consuming and expensive. A plank table 32″ x 72″ would run about $1800. These have simple metal straight leg bases, but we can discuss other options. These tables are heavy because 2″ planks of mostly oak and steel pipe are heavy.

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