Sustainable Farm Life – permaculture farming, organic principles

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List of events:

Feb 12 – Permaculture garden class. – the seven layer forest garden

March 19 – Permaculture garden class. – the spring garden

April 23 – Farm to table dinner

May 14 – Farm to table dinner

May 29 – Farm tour. 10:00 am

Tickets to all events


We grow in harmony with nature, not trying to defy it.  Our gardens are diverse and bountiful, and are always changing with something new planted every week, adding variety for the soil health and bees and trying to confuse the insect pests.

These classes are not oriented toward permaculture certificates. These are applicable to home gardening and farming. 

Reservations required.

At these classes we will dig, plant, hoe and get our hands in the dirt.

THERE IS NO POWERPOINT.  The gardens are the classroom.

A digital handout will be provided for future reference–not for you to look at during the class

March 19, 2023—Planting the spring garden with vegetables and fruit.  Lots of permaculture gardening and a little bit of fruit tree info.

Classes on Sundays and begin at 10:00 in the morning and should last about 4 hours.

We suggest you bring a lunch and we will provide salad and some one pot vegan meal (beans and rice,  or soup probably). 

All classes are $40 per person and are held outdoors at the farm.  Tickets

Farm to Table Dinner–Our next Sunday afternoon dinner will be April 23, 2023.  We will also have our annual Mothers Day dinner on May 14.   Dinners are served on Sunday afternoons at 3:00pm,  Tickets .

Farm Tours–We will have a farm tour on May 29, Memorial Day.  Tours are $10 our person. Tickets 

Farmers Markets:   We sell at the Urban Harvest Farmers Market at the corner of Westheimer and Buffalo Speedway in Houston on Saturdays from 8:00 until noon.


LFF planting calendar

Please contact us for information about private parties, wedding, etc.

We are a small permaculture farm in northern Waller County, Texas near Hempstead.
We grow for direct sales at farmer markets, offer a CSA, deliver to restaurants, have farm dinners, and have other on-farm events.

Regenerative agriculture is the key to sustainability and we are learning, teaching and practicing what we can.
We grow everything with no synthetic fertilizers, fungicides, pesticides, or herbicides.  We follow organic rules, using permaculture and biodynamic farming principles. We raise produce, chickens for eggs, broiler chickens,  Gulf Coast Native Sheep.

SHEEP FOR SALE We have lots of ram lambs this year.  They sell for $300 each and will be weaned and available by April.    Email me through the contacts page for info. 

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