Sustainable Farm Life – permaculture farming, organic principles

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Spring bedding plants:  We will be growing over 50 varieties of vegetable plants for the winter and spring gardens.  The first ones will be available February 13, 2022 with new ones added through April.  Tomatoes will be ready late Feb or early March.     More info

Farm to Table Dinner-   Our farm to table dinners are on a Sunday afternoons.  The two scheduled for the spring of 2022 are April 3, and May 8, Mother’s Day. Tickets will be on sale early Feb. 

Farmers Markets:   We sell at the Urban Harvest Farmers Market at the corner of Westheimer and Buffalo Speedway in Houston on Saturdays from 8:00 until noon.


LFF planting calendar

Please contact us for information about private parties, wedding, etc.

We are a small permaculture farm in northern Waller County, Texas near Hempstead.
We grow for direct sales at farmer markets, offer a CSA, deliver to restaurants, have farm dinners, and have other on-farm events.

Regenerative agriculture is the key to sustainability and we are learning, teaching and practicing what we can.
We grow everything with no synthetic fertilizers, fungicides, pesticides, or herbicides.  We follow organic rules, using permaculture and biodynamic farming principles. We raise produce, fish (aquaponics), chickens for eggs, broiler chickens,               Gulf Coast Native Sheep.

SHEEP FOR SALE We have one proven ram for sale at this time.  We are getting a new ram to introduce new bloodlines.  Email me through the contacts page for info. He is priced at $300.

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