4/7/10 A farm to table dinner with Slow Foods Houston will be on Sunday, April 7, 3:00 pm.  Limited seating                                                                                                               Register

4/28/19 Permaculture gardening class:  April 28. This is a one day class from 1:00 until 5:00 on Sunday afternoon.  $55   Tickets must be purchased in advance.  Limited class size.                                                                                                                                             Register

5/5/19  Open Farm day.  Come out for Cinco de Mayo and see the farm, bring beverages of your choice and enjoy what will hopefully be a beautiful day.  1:00 until dark. $5.00 per person. We will have street tacos available for purchase.

5/12/10 A farm to table dinner  will be on Sunday, May 20,  Mother’s Day, 3:00 pm.  Limited seating                                                                                                               Register

We can cook a dinner for you and your party, host a wedding or just rent you some space.  Contact me through the contacts link.

Attention:  This farm has many friendly dogs, and we raise sheep and chickens that are not a physical threat to humans.  If you are allergic or afraid of animals this would not be an appropriate farm to visit.
No pets!  Our dogs are trained that strays animals are a threat.
Laughing Frog Farm is a small, diversified, family farm that raises fruits and vegetables, Gulf Coast Native Sheep, Freedom Ranger meat chickens, and heritage laying hens, using permaculture methods and organic principles.

We use the animals to prepare and fertilize the soil and, without tilling, we can preserve the microbiological integrity of the soil. Each growing season (and we have at least two annually in Texas), we dedicate one garden to raising livestock, fertilizing the soil and clearing the weeds. We have a small aquaponics system an a few geese.

We use permaculture methods to move the water and huglekulture mounds to rise above the floods.

During open farm days you are welcome to bring a lunch and drinks and dine on Chandler’s chainsaw art dining tables, with the opportunity to purchase one and take it home. They are made from farm fresh wood.

We ask that you not bring pets. We are training our dogs to keep strange dogs off the property, and guest dogs greatly complicate that job. Wear closed toed shoes. Hats are great, and remember that mosquitoes, snakes, spiders, etc are all part of the farm.

During tours we request a small donation to the farm to cover the time and effort we put into this tour, but we will not charge an admission fee so everyone, regardless of their financial situation, can attend.

Events are outdoors and will be canceled in the case of heavy rains, but it rains so often we cannot cancel events when it sprinkles.

Please check back for any possible updates.

There is a good map on the contacts page of this website.  Google maps take you to my next door neighbor.  Just come on down the road to the next gate.

We are located in northern Waller County, Tx., 60 miles from Houston, 40 miles from Bryan, and 100 miles from Austin.