Compost tea recipe

We make compost tea from the worm castings from our vermiculture bins.  We put 10 pounds of worm compost, a half cup of fish emulsion, 3/4 cup seaweed extract, and two cups of molasses in a 55 gallon drum of water from our tilapia tank.  We add aerators and wait 24  hours.  I then put some of the tea on a slide and check under the microscope to see if it is ready.  If it is teaming with microbial action I spray it on my vegetables, fruit trees and bare ground where I will be planting soon.  We also apply it to the pastures, hoping to revive them after the horrendous summer we just went through.  Once the tea is made it should be used within a few hours. It is a fungicide, deters some bugs and fertilizes the plants. It increases the microbial action in the soil and is an excellent foliar feed for any plant. We spray in the mornings before the sun hits the plants whenever possible.

Here is a formula for making  compost tea in a five gallon bucket:

Put 4 cups of good compost* in the bucket

add—1  tablespoon liquid seaweed

1  tablespoon hydrolysate fish

2 tablespoon of humate

1 tablespoons molasses if being used on bacteria loving plants

1 teaspoon of a good sea salt (like Celtic or Himalayan)

Fill the bucket with rain water or river water and aerate with an aquarium bubbler (no air stones) for 24 hours.

If you must use chlorinated water you might let it sit for a day before you start.

Dilute by half with rain water and apply to the leaves and/or soil.

*We use worm compost, but if you have some good compost you can make it better.  Take a pound of compost, add 1/4 pound of rolled oats, 1 tablespoon each of fish emulsion, seaweed extract, humic acid, and molasses.  Moisten the mixture and let it sit for a week, mixing it every other day.

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