Christmas can be a local event

We are striving to purchase anything we can from small local companies or individuals. I go to Repkas Hardware instead of Home Depot, I buy my meat direct from farmers and I get my paint from a company where I know each salesperson’s name and they know mine.  If I spend my money locally and they, in turn, do the same that money will show up in my neighbor’s hand and some of it might get back to me.  If each person in America bought $10 of fresh food every week from their local farmer it would make an impact in their community that would nationally total $150 billion dollars. That farmer can them spend his money locally and so on. It would possibly cost you less than the portion of your taxes that go to billionaire “farmers” under the current farm bill.
If each person in the greater Houston area did the same, the amount to stay here locally would be about $2.75 billion.  Make Christmas a local event.

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