Eat your vegetables, don’t smoke your weeds

I caught a story on the radio today about the effects of recreational marijuana use on a student’s attendance records and grades. It seems that students in Colorado who regularly smoke the weed are less likely to show up at class and make poorer grades. “What!! You spend your time and money researching something we all figured out in the 70’s”
Then I thought, what if they did a study concluding that people who eat fast food 10 times a week were more likely to have diabetes? Or what about a study that showed that eating a diet rich in locally grown fresh vegetables and grass fed meat would lower your cholesterol and blood pressure. Those studies would be no less ridiculous to me than one that says that marijuana makes you more interested in a dripping faucet than a calculus equation.
I assume that everyone knows that most of our health problems are related to our diet. If there are people out there that do not understand the relationship between what we eat and our health, I suggest that behavior has consequences. Marijuana consumption can make you consume junk food and the junk food can cause diabetes, high cholesterol, and high blood pressure, those can result in high medical bills. Pharmaceuticals will mask the symptoms but not cure the effects, side effects of the legal drugs will cause you to be prescribed more drugs.
The question is, is it the fault of you consuming the marijuana or the fault of you not eating your vegetables. (Either way you should have invested in pharmaceutical companies instead of majoring in theatre.)
Some people even eat fast food without the influence of munchie inducing drugs.
For a few million dollars in research money I will collect the statistics, coo-elate the conclusions and produce a paper evaluating whether you should expect to get out of your body what you put into it. Or you could do like me and say “They did a study on what?”
editor note:
occasional use of junk food can be hazardous to your health
marijuana makes you very hungry and too lazy to cook–and that is a good thing because cooking would be hazardous

Knowing I have followers whose first language is not English I must say that there is satire in this post.

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