Sheep wool for sale

Our sheep have been sheared and we have fleeces for sale. This is unwashed wool from Gulf Coast Native Sheep. It came straight off the sheep, into the bag. There will be vegetative matter in the wool. The sheep were not coated and they browsed in the woods at times. These sheep do not have facial or belly wool. The fleeces weigh between 1 pounds and 4 pounds each and we have 15 still available. Fiber lengths vary. The price is $10 per pound. I will have some with me at the Eastside Farmers Market in Houston each second and fourth Saturday starting again in October. Please contact me if you are interested in seeing them before that. I would prefer not to ship. I want spinners and felters to see the wool before purchasing it, because I do not know much about wool, just sheep. All wool is from our flock here in Hempstead, Texas.

Random fiber sample 2015
Random fiber sample 2015


skein of spun wool from 2014
skein of spun wool from 2014

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