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What I know about farming

August 13, 2015

• It is always too wet or too dry.
• Roosters have egos bigger than Donald Trump’s.
• Livestock is only born during sleet, rain or hail.
• Heat and cold are not excuses, but siestas are a reasonable summer escape. You still have time to get your 14 hour work day in.
• Never bend over in front of a ram.
• Daylight savings is a scam. There is no way you can cash in on those 16 hour summer days during those 10 hour winter days. It does, however, make you learn how to program the clock in your truck twice a year.
• Every brilliant solution is a birthplace for a new problem.
• Emergencies are like wild hogs, you never see just one at a time.
• In the first years cash flow is not a circle graph, but an outgoing spout.
• Raising livestock always includes some heartbreak.
• Horses are not agricultural unless they plow. Otherwise they fit in that area with things we haven’t done since we became farmers.
• Never keep track of the hours you have worked. Just figure out how to get enough sleep.
• Promising a certain number of eggs is like promising your weird in-law will finish a construction project — unless you personally can lay eggs.
• Failures are inevitable.
• Going to work is my favorite thing to do.
• What we do is important.
• Sit down, have a beer, watch the sheep and dance in the pasture.

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