Fruit trees for sale

We only have two Meyer lemon trees and Peggy Martin roses in stock as ofMay 1. W text 713-542-6615 for an order and pickup arrangements.

Citrus–$55 All trees are currently about 3-4 feet tall in 5 gallon pots.

2. Meyer lemon 10 to 15 feet tall

0. Arctic Frost Satsuma sold out 8 to 12 feet tall and 15′ wide. The most cold hardy, good tasting citrus.

0. Owari Satsuma sold out Small tree but can reach 10′ in 10 years

0. Miho Satsuma Sold out

0. Hamlin Sweet Orange sold out

0. Washington Navel Orange 10 to 15 foot. The original and best navel orange

. Page Mandarin sold out

0. Clementine Mandarin sold out

0. Ponkan Mandarin 6 to 10 feet tall and 15′ wide. medium size fruit

0 Rio Red Grapefruit sold out Can grow up to 25 feet tall.

0. Eureka Variegated Pink Lemon sold out

Peggy Martin Roses–$75–6 feet tall and very full, in 7 gallon pots


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