Saving Daylight

I can’t believe that we are going to lose an hour tonight, right in the middle of the busiest time of the year—planting the spring garden.

I told the dogs and the sheep that they would not get fed at 6:00am tomorrow but would have to wait until 7:00.  The sheep stared at me incredulously and baaaa-ed their disapproval. Dogs are not capable of being incredulous. 

I explained that the powers that be found this change necessary in order to save daylight.  The animals were unaware that daylight was in danger. The sheep cocked their heads showing their skepticism, and the dogs lowered their heads but raised their eyes.

Eventually the sheep turned and walked away saying “mehhh”.   One dog lifted his leg, and the others reinforced his opinion in the same spot.

I guess they do not have respect for the decisions that the powers that be make in order to save daylight.

Nevertheless, the extra hour of daylight they saved will help the garden grow.