Is sustainable the same as organic?

At the Laughing Frog Farm I grow my fruits and vegetables following the organic standards set by the USDA in the “7 CFR Part 205 National Organic Program”, with the exception of the record keeping requirements. I am not certified organic and, therefore, cannot advertise my produce as organic. At the Urban Harvest Farmers Market they have decided to use the term “sustainable” for this type of business, but, of course, that term means different things to different people. To clarify what products go into the food I grow and you eat, I have compiled a list of everything I use or might use. Usually we start with organic seed and dress with compost.  Our normal fertilizer is compost tea, molasses, fish meal and seaweed extract. We use the other organically approved  products when necessary. I strongly believe that neither the human body, nor the soil and water that feeds us, should be exposed to synthetic nitrates, pesticides, fungicides, and herbicides or genetically modified crops.

Many of these products belong in multiple categories.

About half of these products I have never used but would feel comfortable using if needed.

Fertility :
Compost and compost tea Fish emulsion
Cottonseed meal, alfalfa meal, seaweed extract, rock phosphate, greensand, apple cider vinegar, lava sand, epsom salt,  potassium sulfate, kelp, humic acid, molasses, dolomite lime, cornmeal,  micronutrients,
magnesium sulfate

Orange oil,    corn gluten meal,     baking soda,     potassium bicarbonate

Garlic and pepper emulsions ,      diatomaceous earth
Bacillus thuringiensis (Bt),        neem oil
orange oil soap,       beer (snails)

Other stuff:
Mycorrhizal fungi,    sulfur,     copper sulfate ,    sodium hydroxide,    lime,    sharp sand,
hydrogen peroxide,      perlite,      peat moss,      coir

We test our water and our soil regularly. Contact me if you have more questions or wish to schedule a farm visit— 713-542-6615

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