fall tomatoes

Some basic info on growing tomatoes in Houston for the fall garden.
Purchase an organically grown tomato from  Laughing Frog Farm.  I grow mostly small tomatoes in the fall because they are easier to ripen during the short days in November. Put about one tablespoon of rock phosphate or bone meal in the bottom of the hole and bury the plants deeper than they were in the pot.  Spread a thin film of cornmeal around the plant and mulch over that to keep the weeds down. Cage the tomatoes with a large cage, about 2’ diameter and 5’ high for most heirlooms, or stake the plant. Try and shade the plant from the ravages of afternoon sun. Do not fertilize until the plants begin to flower. Use only organic fertilizer like fish emulsion, cottonseed meal, Micro Life, Medina, etc.  Once the plant is a few feet tall remove the leaves from the bottom one foot of the plant to reduce the chance of fungus developing. Water regularly and deeply about twice a week and never water the leaves, only the soil.  Squash lots of stinkbugs/leaf-foot bugs.

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