Wash your veggies, but don’t expect that to remove the poison.

I have been reading articles about “washing the pesticides off your produce before eating”. It reminded me of a piece on the radio about cleaning up the radiation at Fukushima by washing. I thought the two had something in common, though radiation is obviously an accelerated way to poison people and the planet.
How much gets washed off?
Where does the pesticide or radiation you wash off go?
The pesticide goes into the sewer or the soil where it continues to be a problem. The real truth is that you only remove a small amount of the poison by washing.  Much of the chemical has soaked into the flesh of the plant.
Pesticide contamination might not be the best reason to eat organic food. More people die of complications from fungicides each year than any other agricultural product. It is not known how these fungicides absorb into the food nor how they might affect your body when consumed.
Herbicides, like Roundup, tie up the nutrients in the soil. Nutrients like copper, nickel, zinc, magnesium, iron, and calcium are in short supply or not available at all in plants grown in soil treated with glyphosate. When most of our processed and fast food contain corn and soy from “roundup-ready” grain, we should be having a health crisis in America from the lack of nutrients alone.
Ammonium and potassium nitrate are the primary nitrogen fertilizer used to stimulate growth. Excessive nitrates and nitrates might cause problems in the body.

Synthetic herbicides, fungicides, nitrates and pesticides all work together to contaminate your food and your environment and a little soap and water will not help much with those problems.
All that being said you should wash your veggies. Buy organic produce, wash off the snail residue, the bird droppings or the dirt and eat healthy.

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