Organic should be the normal

Those of us who grow the worlds food responsibly are subjected to being certified, inspected, taxed and burdened with a mountain of paperwork to acquire the right to sell our food as “organic”.
Those who use deadly poisons, pollute the water, destroy the seed bank and endanger the health of the people are not burdened with such hurdles because they are normal–they are conventional.
Something is turned on its head.

We need to regulate the ones that cause the problem. A certification should be required to use synthetic chemicals. Inspections should be required to approve the poisons and altered seeds that are part of our environmental pollution. A fee should be levied to help pay for the cleanup of the pollution and to research the health effects of these synthetic herbicides, fungicides, pesticides, fertilizers and genetically altered seeds. The mountain of paperwork should document every drop of these chemicals that are put on our food, our soils and our water.
The resulting product should be labeled as an altered, chemically dependent and unnatural food product.
The product we now label as “organic” should carry the label “food”.

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