The Wictim Theory


Boris Aronson, a Russian/American scene designer, was teaching a seminar at the University Of Texas in 1974 and one student asked what I thought was a stupid question. “Mr. Aronson, what is your theory of design”
He replied something like this in his thick Russian accent– “My theory of design is the wictim theory. Last week we began developing the style of a new Broadway show and the costume designer was not there. She could not promote her ideas, so everything went my way. This week I am here in Austin and we have another meeting and my ideas will not be promoted. Last week she was the wictim and this week I am the wictim. If you want to get somewhere you need to be present and constantly advocate your vision. If you are not there the ideas of others will prevail and your vision will become wictim to the plans of others.”
Don’t be a victim of the plans of big Ag, big Pharma and the industrial food system.
Come to the Farm and Ranch Freedom Alliance annual conference in Bastrop Sept 22 and 23 and help advocate your vision.

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