Permaculture at Healing Hands

Yesterday a few of us went to the Healing Hands Ranch in Willis, Tx. This ranch brings in men struggling through poverty and addiction, often homeless, often veterans, and provides housing, job training and an entry back into mainstream society. This group is proposing building an eco village with cob housing, gardens, aquaponic greenhouses–a permaculture homestead with low cost housing, a connection to nature, minimal energy needs and on site employment. This could be a model for future development. This will take some time and they will need many volunteer hands to join in. It is too early to ask for help, but keep them in mind. We all will be working on design proposals in the next few months and hope to begin building early next year. Building cob houses requires more manual labor than materials. Using the unemployed, underemployed and homeless and paying them a living wage will not only help them immediately, but will also provide some skills for future employment. We would like to see families and individuals in an affordable, environmentally sustainable community.

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