Ta-dah! or not ta-dah!

IMG_1432When son Dylan was about four or five he saw my ”to-do” list and said “ta-dah!” with theatrical fanfare. Obviously he was influenced by the actors, opera singers and hams around him. Since then my daily lists have always been titled “ta-dah!”. There is a certain appropriateness to this. Every day I look at my list and assume I will get this, that and those done, but the forces in the universe converge to impede my progress. I adjust, retool, get out the duct tape and baling wire, walk around and evaluate every plane, and when something is finally complete–“ta-dah!”. So when the tomatoes get planted, when the new chicken house is complete, when the fence finds its’ way around the garden and the new raft beds in the aquaponics system are complete, I have nothing to say other than ”ta-dah!”. I then head back to the blackboard where new projects are waiting for their ta-dah! moment .

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