Texas spring crop massacre

Today is the fifth time that we are starting to plant tomatoes. We have lost peaches and plums, due to frost and cannot plant corn and beans yet. Too much mud followed by unseasonable freezes have interfered with our schedule. I make decisions easily but I was never very good at making the right decision.
When I was young and lived in Austin I designed the sets for quite a few movies. They all paid about $500 for two weeks of round-the-clock work with promises of residuals. I never saw a viewing of any of the movies I worked on in Austin, much less residuals–not even from gems like “Vampires, Second Blood”. One night in 1974 I got a call in the middle of the night asking if I could come down and become the scene designer on a new film. They had no money and were not paying any salaries, but would pay residuals. I had bills to pay and had no interest in working on some movie for some mythical future payment. Before I hung up I was told the title. It was so ridiculous and I knew I was right to refuse the project.
Sometimes you know you are making the right decision. I am planting tomatoes today. It is the right decision.
And of course I refused to design the sets for a movie called “The Texas Chainsaw Massacre” for nothing other than royalties. Wouldn’t you?
True story.

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