Flooding again

IMG_5121We did not suffer much damage from this Monday’s 10″ rainfall other than a lack of sleep. The sheep finally called out at 4:00 am and demanded to find higher ground. None of our land was dry, but some of it was draining water, not ponding. It is better to be in a 2″ deep mini-rapid than in a 2″ deep pond, I suppose. I just let them out to go wherever they might find a better spot. The result was a group of well fed, tired sheep when the rain finally stopped.
About noon I penned them into a beautiful, wet pasture and got onto a conference phone call. While on the call, I heard a worried sheep baa coming from some woods. I put the phone on mute and wandered into the woods to find a just born ewe lamb lying in wet ground while the rain continued coming down. I hung up the phone and decided it was time for me to take action. I was afraid the lamb would drown. Of course, my action was not needed because this Gulf Coast mama had everything under control. Kenan and I simply moved them in with the other sheep. Why do lambs always have to be born in bad weather?
We then went for a walk and found a bluegill fish in the back pasture, hundreds of feet from any pond. Fertilizer?
The gardens are draining, the sheep are drying, and the ewe lamb is doing those crazy lambkin pirouettes around her weary mama. We did not get many eggs today.
I know many people suffered great loss today.
Our hearts are with those whose lambs and lives are not pirouetting out of this flood.

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