Chicken Bone Broth

bone brothNow is the time to strengthen your immune system and bone broth is one of the ways we do that.  Basically bone broth is bones (in this case chicken), acid to help break down the bones like vinegar or tomato paste, and lots of veggies.  One of the great things to add is chicken feet which adds protein, calcium, trace minerals and collagen. 

This is a recipe I keep on hand and never follow completely:

Bones from one chicken
1 pound chicken feet
One tablespoon of tomato paste
Two tablespoons of vinegar
Two large onions
Two to four carrots
Two to four stalks of celery
one bay leaf
5 – 10 peppercorns
Handful of parsley and/or cilantro
Any other vegetables you want to get out of the fridge

put in enough water to cover everything, about two gallons


Pull the bones apart, brush the bones with tomato paste, add vinegar and vegetables and cover them with the water in a stock pot. Bring to a boil and then simmer for 24 hours on low.  Keep the water level where the vegetables and bones can be submerged periodically.  You will need to add some water, but not much.
Strain the bones and vegetables out and use the broth for a very healthy soup.

Should make about three quarts.  I usually make about 10-12 quarts at a time and freeze it and that is about 4 times this recipe.


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