A CSA is Community Supported Agriculture.  It gives us small farms an idea of how much to plant and how to plan for the next few weeks.

Most large farms only grow one or two things and market that to a specific wholesaler, but we grow 40 to 50 different items and then have to market it to the public.  When someone signs up for a produce box, they are committing to 10 weeks of trying some new things and eating what will grow during that season.  Freezes, drought, insects and luck all will affect your diet.

Also it is possible that we might have to postpone the CSA due to unexpected circumstances.  This  past February, after the severe freeze we did not have enough produce for two weeks and had to extend everyone into the spring.  There will be no CSA on 12/25 of 2021. 

If someone needs to take a week off during their contract we can extend the contract once or twice.  Please try and keep those to a minimum.

We are going to take a 6 week break from mid July until late August.  Not because nothing is growing, but just because we will be getting tired of harvesting in the 100˚ heat.

The CSA is paid, online or at the market, in advance. You are paying for 10 weeks of 8 to 10 vegetables and a few herbs for $250. You simply pickup your box at the Urban Harvest Farmers Market at the corner of Buffalo Speedway and Westheimer, on Saturday morning.  We also offer a half share for $140 and a petite share for $80.00.  The half share is about 4 to 5 items and the petite share is smaller portions of the same 4 to 5 items.

We are a two person operation that concentrates on growing for high nutrients. We follow all of the organic growing rules and have never used synthetic fertilizers,  pesticides, herbicides, fungicides or GMO seeds.

Online store

A full CSA

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